Sunday, April 28, 2013

I spoke too soon...

I spoke way too soon about being so glad that no one else got the stomach flu.  Bryce was feeling better on Friday.  Saturday and Sunday were smooth sailing.  Then Gabe threw up Monday and Tuesday and had the squirts Wednesday, but was back to his happy little self Thursday.  That Thursday we picked up my mom from the airport and met up with a couple friends at Chuck E Cheese for Bryce's birthday.  Friday was his birthday and we had a pretty good day.  The biggest thing I needed from my mom after getting here was a VERY thorough grocery shopping trip. So while Brynn was at school and the boys napped, that's what my mom did.  My fridge, pantry, and kitchen in general were in such bad shape that it pretty much took up the whole afternoon (Bryce was patient considering it was his birthday, but he did have the greatest new toy that was keeping him busy).  After we finally had the kitchen put back together we had about an hour for a good cake and ice cream party before Brynn and Marty left for the daddy daughter-dance.  I sat through the whole thing with a sense of impending doom that I had now caught the stomach flu.  And sure enough, shortly after Brynn and Marty left, I threw up.

I am now on my second day of it, and I am completely devastated.  I know that sounds dramatic, but I am a few days away from delivery.  I do NOT want to go into labor weak, fevery, and pukey.  I think this flu is determined to run its course through the whole family, and with such a long gestational period/active period, that could really be a long time.  Do I take Marty into delivery with me if he has it?  Do I let my mom help with the baby if she has it?  My mom tells me I am borrowing troubles from next week, but I can't help it, I can't get all these awful scenarios out of my head.  I shouldn't be surprised to have it, as I spent three days being puked on from head to foot by Gabe (that's literal, by the way).  There's not much I can do to avoid the germs of a sick baby.  Still, I was hoping for a miracle.  I actually felt gross for two full days before I threw up.  That's one of the disappointing things, was that I was SO sure I was going to go into labor on Thursday.

On Thursday I woke up with my stomach feeling kind of gross, but I've felt that was on and off the entire pregnancy so I just figured it was a gross day.  I was so tired, I felt like doing anything was like wading through quick sand.  I was in so much pain and was having tons of contractions and just wasn't feeling like myself.  I spent most of the day on the couch watching the kiddos play (thank you, amazing kiddos).  That afternoon I went to my Dr, appointment and found out that I was dilated to a 4 and was 50% effaced, which is twice as far as I have ever been at the start of any of my inductions.  I also knew I was really dehydrated, but it was hard to drink while feeling so yucky.  Then at Chuck E Cheese I sat there enduring one contraction after another after another, I was just waiting for them to get stronger.  With all that put together, I really really really really thought I was going to go into labor.  I was so disappointed to wake up the next morning in my own bed and not at the hospital.

As of right now (Saturday) I am feeling better than Friday night, but still awful.  Oh my, it stinks to be so sick which you are SO pregnant.  Every time the baby moves, or I have a contraction, or I get heartburn, or any normal pregnancy symptoms having to do with my stomach makes the nausea and irritable stomach so much worse.  My stomach is so sensitive to every sensation, and there are so many of them right now, I wish I could just take out my stomach for a while and get some relief.  But I can't do that.  But wait!  I CAN!  I can take out a little 7 and a half pounds of joy! I am so dehydrated, party of me just wants to go into labor and go get some fluids and anti-nausea in a tube and I'm having to spend days in bed anyway, which is what I am going to do once I have the baby.  But I don't know why I even vocalize those thoughts because it's not really up to me to just decide when I will go into labor.  Unless you count being induced, which I am technically scheduled for Tuesday, but I know they have been putting them off for days lately so I don't have my hopes up too high.  The reason I always get induced is to be sure I can have my mom out here with me to help.  It's stressful to think about going into labor with no family in the state.  She needs to leave by Saturday at the latest so I am just hoping and praying they don't put off the induction too far for me to miss most of her help.  Although I am SOOOO glad she has been here the past couple of days while I've been sick.  Marty still had so much to do before the baby came, that it was so nice she could be here and take care of the kids while he took care of a bunch of business.

Is this seriously happening?  I know there are worse things that can happen in a pregnancy/delivery, but GAH!  It's so frustrating!!!

*Gabe and I spent a lot of time outside, just because it's hard to predict when a baby is going to throw up and I figured it would make the clean up a bit easier.  Here he is right after having a Popsicle.

He'd play for a while and then lay down in the grass and suck his thumb.  I hate seeing my kids sick.

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