Monday, November 2, 2009

A little neglectful

I've forgotten to post a couple of updates on my family, so here are just a few things.

Marty really wanted me to post this. It is a video taken at the airport right after I got back from Alaska. It was a happy reunion for all of us, but especially for Brynn and Bryce. I had no idea how much these two would miss each other.

Also, Brynn got her cast off! Marty was the one who took her to the appointment which was a little bit disastrous, but I had the scary experience of getting a cast removed as a kid so that's pretty much what we were expecting. What we weren't expecting was the big barrette that Brynn had shoved down her cast and her skin started to grow around. Yeah, I was really happy to miss that one. But she's doing great!

Bryce is 6 months old! He is slimming down a little with his weight in the 70th percentile and his height in the 80th. And he is now officially bigger than Brynn was at one year.

He started solid foods, too! We started him on squash, and of course being part Oldham he LOVED it! Not so fond of peas though. Here's a video I took this morning.

And speaking of squash, I didn't forget! I will be sure to get my annual squash post with new recipes up here soon. I know you just can't wait, Jana. :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our couple of Halloweens

This year for Halloween we had a sweet little Care Bear! Brynn wore my old costume from when I was three. Ya know, back in '87 when the Care Bears were still popular. And for our third strait Halloween we had a little chick! He hated his costume though. Interesting how even a six-month-old can glare you down.Here we are at our ward Trunk-Or-Treat on Friday night. Marty was a Gaucho (a Brazilian cowboy) and I put on a big white sheet and went as a....

And here is Brynn enjoying some Halloween candy.

So here is the story of Brynn's second Halloween costume. At the trunk-or-treat she saw a whole bunch of Cinderella's and was in complete awe. She wouldn't leave them alone. Well, a few weeks ago our neighbors had a garage sale with a gazillion Halloween costumes they had gotten from their Uncle's costume store that had gone out of business. We bought her a Cinderella, Rose, Snow White, and Belle costume for three dollars each that we were planning to give her for Christmas. If you know Brynn at all, you know how OBSESSED she is with the princesses.
So for the actual Halloween she was Cinderella! I wish I could have filmed all of her getting ready and seeing the costume for the first time. She kept running away with only one shoe on and saying, "Princess Cinderella Brynn got married in the temple!" Then she would run up to Daddy and say, "Dance So This is Love?" And they would dance. It was so much fun!

Trying to keep brother happy for the camera.

Trick-or-treating was so much fun. Somehow Brynn got a little mixed up and she would say "Trick-or-treat-treat!" Then when I tried to correct her, Marty told me not to because it sounded so cute. Holidays are so much fun with little kids!
Here she is eating her candy and watching Cinderella on Marty's laptop (while he watched a thousand different sports games on the TV!).