Sunday, February 26, 2017

Winter (Jan, Feb) 2016

The Children's Museum had a train theme.  This one is a lego display.
I like to go somewhere the Wednesday before the kids go back to school after a big break.  Seems like most of the other schools go back on the Wednesday instead of the Thursday so it's not quite as busy.  So glad my mom can come to these things now!

Yep, a tad too old but no one kicked us out.

Love when my kids have lots of time durning long breaks to lounge...


Become independent (and learn Mom gets mad when you fill the bowl to the top)...

and snuggle!!

We took advantage of the beautiful AZ winter by going to the Chandler Train Museum with the cousins and G&G.

Sometimes I feel like Camille needs so much more than I can give her.  I'm so glad she has her brother.

Sundays are sooo hard on Camille.  She fights us, she fights nursery, she struggles when she feels confined, and of course church was right during nap time.

Handsome Boo after a haircut.

Soccer Gabe.

Like a good wife I told Marty I would be willing to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy with him sometime.  Then he asked if I would watch the extended versions and I told him I would if he'd take me to the Cheesecake Factory after.  The Eye of Sauron is all over those restaurants, seriously, it's a thing.

See it?

Sibling sleepovers every weekend.

We have no idea how this happened.  Camille was crying in her room one night and when we got her she had hurt her eye.  We tried so hard to get to the bottom of it but her communication skills were just not there, poor girl.  It sounded like maybe she fell on her Sofia castle though?

Gabe often goes to my makeup drawer to retrieve my eyeliner.  Then he will bring it to me and ask for a Harry Potter scar.  Funny story, I gave Bryce one last year and we both got used to it and forgot to wash it off before school the next day.  He was so embarrassed to go to school with the scar on!

Friend and sibling performances.

The zoo became Camille's favorite place in the whole world.  A week after we went, I told her to go get her shoes and she said, "Shoe?!"  And I said "yes!" And she started running to Gabe, "GABE, Gabe!!  We are going to duh shoe, Gabe!" I was so sad to have to explain that I meant shoe, not zoo.

Umm, yes I was super pregnant walking around the zoo all day.  The family was nice and supportive and gave me lots of breaks.  Here we are all standing on one foot like the flamingos.

In February I flew to UT with my mom for 3 days and 2 nights to see the Provo Temple open house.  The tabernacle was so near and dear to me and my heart broke into a million pieces when I heard it had burned down.  Now having walked through it as the temple, I am so at peace with the fate of that building.  I also loved how they tried to stay so true to the history of it, including the architecture and the furnishings.
My mom's bff Kathi is pretty much the coolest ever and she and her kids were so hospitable.  I was a lil bit nervous about traveling that far along but my doctor gave the "ok" and we had a great trip.

While I was gone Marty spent a day in Glendale with the cousins and they had a blast hiking up behind the Phoenix temple.

I guess this picture was taken because Marty was so proud of BandB getting their little sis ready for church (which I hear was quite a fiasco - and that's ok because he tends to make me look really bad when I leave and he has things so under control).