Friday, January 22, 2010

And the winner is....

Brynn's first word was ma-ma. Marty was jealous. So with this baby, he has been constantly saying "da-da" to him. He has even enlisted the help of Brynn, persuading her to say da-da to him all the time. Well, if Marty has any idea what I went through during nine months of pregnancy, post-partum, etc., he should expect that I want Bryce's first word to be ma-ma. So I've been working pretty hard on him to. I have an advantage since I'm around Bryce so much more. Marty has an advantage because da-da is so much easier to say. Well, over the last couple weeks Bryce has been talking. And his first word is....

drum roll, please.....

ma-ma! (smug grin)

Thursday, January 7, 2010


These pictures are very out of order, but I just want to hurry and get them up here.

Here is Bryce the day after Christmas at a pit stop we made on the drive to Utah. I think he knows that long long drive is worth it.
Visiting the relatives and playing with new toys...

The kids had fun watching that crazy white stuff fall from the sky.

In a helicopter
Doing the nativity on Christmas Eve. Brynn wasn't playing the part of Mary, she was Mary.

Christmas Eve dinner

Opening presents Christmas morning.
Every time we asked Brynn what she wanted Santa to bring her, she'd just say presents. We'd ask what kind of presents and she'd just say toys. So we figured we were lucky she was so easy. Then then right before we were going to bed Christmas Eve she said she was so excited for Santa to come bring her dresses. Boy were we glad we'd gotten those dresses a couple months ago so that we could fulfill Brynn's one Christmas wish. :)

I was happy to come back from Utah for two reasons. This:
(soaking up the sun - this is Bryce's first time playing in the mud!)

And having these two all to myself again!