Thursday, July 1, 2010

Emily 1, Summer 0

The month of June is over, and I have emerged good-natured and victorious! Of course, it's going to be unbearable until October, so I still have a long way to go. But I think this is the best June I've ever had here in AZ. It's also technically the coolest June we've had since we've been here - haven't even hit 115 yet! We've checked a lot off of our "summer to-do list," and here's how we've been keeping cool:

***Lunch-time at Daddy's work. The kids run from one end of the gym to the other and wear themselves out. Then they crash when we get home and I lay down under the fan for a few minutes with an otter pop.

***We've been swimming at the Apache Junction pool and a few friends' pools. We haven't been using ours the last week. Since I have to be out there constantly with Bryce, but don't want to constantly sit in the little kiddie pool (which I pretty much fill up), I've been just sitting out there and feeling heat-strokey (you heard me). I think we'll invest in a slip n' slide where I feel better about watching them from the window of my nice, cool house.
***Camping in the mountains.
***The library's summer reading program. Brynn reached her goal within a week or two, but since Bryce would rather die than sit still for a book, it's taken him a little longer and we've been going to the library every couple days.

***Other things we've checked off the list are tea parties (obviously), dates with Mom/Dad, the play place at the mall and Chick-fillet, making forts, and reading lots of books together.

***Things we still need to check off: Basha Waterpark, Peter Piper Pizza, Heber, Boulder, D-Backs game, a sleepover party in the loft, Mesa Museum of Natural History, and playing out in the rain for our first monsoon. But who knows when that will be? Monsoon season officially started June 15, but it's been 101 days since it last rained.