Sunday, June 27, 2010

Not too much to report

Just life. We are all enjoying Daddy's low-stress summer. Seminary teachers are on 12 month contracts, so even though Marty is still working during the summer, it's usually just an 8 hour day with no 4:00 a.m. alarms.

Here is the incredible karaoke duo blastin' out hits from High School Musical. That little girl loves to sing. I'm always coming down the stairs to find her belting out her own composition and accompanying herself at the piano. When we tuck her in at night, she has decided she would rather sing us our favorite songs, rather than the other way around. She's probably figured out that Mommy is a sucker and will stay up just as long as she keeps on singing.
And as for Bryce: Huh? White footprints coming out of the bathroom?

Oh. Good thing it was just baking soda. Makes me glad I threw out all my harsh cleansers and started using home-made, non-toxic stuff. Thanks for the idea, Lindsay! (Here's the link to the cleaning recipes: What a typical picture of my climbing/mess-and-mischief-making boy.

Marty was called into the Young Men's program a couple weeks ago. I panicked for a very short time until I was assured that I'd be able to stay in Young Women's and we could work it out. I've never lived in FEAR of being released before until I got to be with those girls, and now I am so attached to them and I can't imagine being released! On Tuesday morning the young men came to our house to make Hershey kiss flowers and posters to hang on the doors/garages of the young women, who were all returning from camp that afternoon. That's a nice welcome home, eh? I forgot, have I mentioned that Marty and I really love the youth in Queen Creek? :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010


P.S. Sorry about the prom pic - every picture I have of him since I've been married is with grand kids. We need a new one of the two of us, Dad!
I'm not exactly the Hallmark-writing type, but I just wanted to give a shout-out to my dad today. I've counted myself lucky in life for a lot of reasons, but having this guy as my dad is one of the biggest ones. My dad has always been one of my best friends. As exhausted as he would be when he came home from work, he had no shortage of hugs and attention for me. When I would play at the neighbors house, the second I saw my dad's truck start up our street, I would make a mad dash to go see him. My dad took me on tons of dates, and showed me what it was like to be on a date with a gentleman. My dad set such a good example for me. I saw so many heavily marked "Understanding Isaiah" books laying around the house, I just had to start reading them out of curiosity. My dad saw my potential, described it to me, and I worked as hard as I possibly could to reach that and be the kind of person my dad knew I could be. My dad faithfully stayed worthy of the Priesthood and I was able to receive wonderful blessings from him in any time of need. I love you, Dad!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Anyone? Anyone?

Anyone want to drive up to Utah with me for BYU Education Week? It's August 16-20. I have four seats....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I love walking down the stairs...

And seeing my kids like this. Bryce falling asleep next to Brynn as she gently pats and strokes his head. Of course, more often I enter a room to find them fighting over a toy, space, or air. But these sweet moments make the other ones worth it.

Monday, June 14, 2010

2010 Johnson Family Retreat

Definitely our most successful camping trip so far! We had great devotionals, the weather was perfect (not to hot, not too cold) and we didn't have to deal with a cast, or a fussy nursing baby, or much of the nonsense we've had in the past.

We go camping in the mountains in Globe at Pioneer Pass. The last camp-site is the most secluded and beautiful (I think). And this place is really not crowded at all. Maybe I shouldn't be divulging my secrets....

Matching and manly setting up the tent.

S'mores. Mmmm. Been looking forward to them all week and I managed to keep my hands pretty sticky-free. I don't really mind, but I've been pestered so much about being a messy marshmallow-eater I think I'm developing a complex.

The next morning I cooked bacon and eggs over a fire, and I think the fam liked it.

Here's Brynn on a stage dancing and singing, "In the beautiful forest, they are dancing, they are dancing...."

Good weekend.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Well, shoot

The weirdest thing happened tonight. I was at Young Women's talking to a bunch of ladies and thinking how wonderful it was that I have never seen a scorpion our four years that we've lived here. Everyone else had seen plenty. Now I have joined that club. Just minutes after our long, drawn out conversation (of scorpion horror stories), I pulled into the garage and my headlights shined right on a huge scorpion. I don't know how big the scorpions in Arizona usually are, I just say it was huge because it was much bigger than my brother's pet scorpion that he found in Utah.

Marty came out and killed it with a big board, but now I am going to have nightmares all night long. Tomorrow is going to be a very long day, as I am going to buckle down and get rid of any piles of anything on any floor in our house. Any other tips? Ambien?